Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Intro To CashCrate.

Hello, if you want to learn how to make easy cash online 100% free then you have come to the right place! I want to tell you about a website called CashCrate. CashCrate is a website where you do surveys to get free cash! So how does it work you may ask? People pay the company CashCrate to put there surveys on there website. CashCrate takes the money they have earned from the people that paid them, and pay us for taking the surveys. If you're all excited and want to check it out the website is CashCrate . you can check it out now but you might want to here some of these tips...


To get started go to that link I gave you earlier, here it is again, CashCrate . Scroll down a bit and it will say Join For Free. Fill in that information and then click the Join! button. There will be a video that I suggest you watch. After you watch the video there will be a Members tab on the top of the page, click it! Scroll down and then there will be a bunch of offers that you can do. First you want to read the description so you will know what to do. then you click on the offer name, and do what the description told you to do. Then once youre done with that click the submit button. Within 1 minute to 2 days the offer will give you credit and you will get an amount of money. Now, at the end of every month, a check will be sent out to you with how ever much you have earned that month. Now easy is that?


Refferers are HUGE!!!

What is a Refferer you may ask?
A refferer is a person that you sign up.
Well why are they so important?
Because, lets say if on person earns 10$. You get 20% of whatever they earn. So 20% of 10$ is 2.00. And thats only one person!!! Lets say if you get 50 people to sign up. They all make 10$. 2.00 x 50 = 100 dollars!! You get that much just for signing them up. This may be one of the fastest ways to make cash on CashCrate.
Once again if you have not already signed up the website is CashCrate So go start making that money today!